1.(all of animals) give birth, bring forth, lay, drop; litter, hatch, spawn, cast; foal, lamb, calve, whelp, pup, kitten.
2. produce, yield, give forth, blossom, flower, bear fruit, fructify; breed, conceive, beget, engender, germinate, generate, reproduce, propagate.
3. support, hold up, sustain, uphold, shoulder, lift; bolster up, shore up, upbear, prop, underprop, underpin, underset, brace; cradle, pillow.
4. press, push, bear down, thrust; drive, compel, coerce, force, enforce, constrain; influence, affect.
5. behave, conduct, comport, act, deport, demean; carry oneself, manage oneself, govern oneself, regulate oneself; proceed, operate, function.
6. suffer, endure, undergo, experience, go through, pass through; encounter, live out, meet with, meet, taste, fare; support, weather, Obs. aby, forbear, Chiefly Scot. thole, Scot, and North Eng. dree; bear up, keep on, carry on, take it, brave it out, Inf. tough it out, Inf. stick it out, Sl. sweat it out, Inf. go through the mill, Inf. take it on the chin; Inf. hang in, Inf. keep the faith, keep one's chin up, Sl. stand the gaff.
7. hold out against, withstand, sustain without yielding, tolerate, take patiently, brook, submit to, abide, stand, put up with; permit, allow; swallow, digest, stomach, pocket.
8. warrant, signify, permit, admit, allow, be capable of, be worthy of.
9. carry, bring, tote, move; remove, conduct, haul, fetch, transport, displace, portage; (in reference to gossip or tales) transmit, spread.
10.(as testimony) render, afford, give; yield, furnish, supply; impart, bestow, confer.
11. lead, guide, take, escort, usher, conduct, pilot, direct, orientate; attend, accompany.
12. have, possess, be entitled to, contain, hold, be furnished with, be marked with; (as authority) use, exercise, utilize.
13. exhibit, show, display; put on, don, assume, accept, be marked with.
14. bear on or upon appertain, belong, pertain, touch upon; affect, concern, regard, refer, relate, be pertinent.
15. move, go, bend, turn, deviate, curve, fork, diverge; be directed at, be aimed at, be pointed at.
16. bear down on or upona. press down, weigh down, burden, strain, encumber; coerce, compel, get after.b. strive toward, focus on, zero in on; approach, advance upon, move upon, draw near.c. rush upon, converge upon; attack, assail, march against.d.All Naut. approach, set in towards, veer towards, sail towards.
17. bear out substantiate, confirm, uphold, ratify, endorse, warrant; sustain, maintain, sanction, defend; authenticate, authorize, establish, verify, justify, vindicate, make good; support, circumstantiate, corroborate.
1. churl, boor, curmudgeon, brute, barbarian, yahoo, Inf. goop, Chiefly Scot. tyke, Brit. Sl. mucker; lout, oaf, dolt, clod, clodhopper, clodpoll, gawk, looby, lubber, ox, Chiefly Scot. cuddy, Inf. lummox, Sl. klutz, Sl. galoot, Sl. lug, Brit. Sl. joskin.
2. grouch, crank, crab, sorehead, hothead, cross-patch, Sl. bitch.
3.Stock Exchange. shortseller, short, underseller, scalper, speculator.

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